These are pictures of a little chihuahua mix named Wiley. He was on the euthanasia list at the shelter. We got him out and he turned out the be one of the sweetest dogs ever.






Mac came to us as a 3 year old Newfoundland. He was surrendered by his owners after being hit by a car. He had a broken leg and a Pneumothorax (air in his chest). He was hospitalized for almost 10 days and had a tube in his chest so his Doctor could remove the air that was building up . In addition to having multiple surgeries to repair his broken leg, he was losing weight and vomiting. Mac had an endoscopy done and a feeding tube placed. He has finally started gaining weight and playing like a dog should. He loves attention and loves to play with children and any dog that will play with him. He slept with his foster’s cats and would give up his bed to them. He is a wonderful dog that deserved another chance. Without help from caring Doctors, Technicians, and those who just wanted to give a dog a second chance, Mac would have been euthanized because his owners could no longer financially care for him.

 mac6 mac5 mac4 mac1



This is Charlie, our Terrier mix who came into another ER clinic with a Chicken bone stuck in his Esophagus. The original owner was going to put him to sleep rather than have it Endoscopically removed. So instead, the Doctor on duty offered to take responsibility. He is now recovered and has been doing great. He’s the best little dog.


CharlieTurtle CharlieCloseUp


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