Mac is a 3 year old newfoundland.  He was surrendered by his owners after being hit by a car.  He had a broken leg and a pneumothorax (air in his chest).  He was hospitalized for almost 10 days and had a tube in his chest so we could remove the air that was building up.  He has had four surgeries on his broken leg and will probably need an amputation later on.  While being treated he was losing weight and vomiting.  He had an endoscopy done and a feeding tube placed.  He has a problem with his esophagus that will only allow him to eat wet food.  He has finally started gaining weight and playing like a dog should.  He loves attention and loves to play with my 4 year old son and any dog that will play with him.  He sleeps with my cats and will give up his bed to them.  He is a wonderful dog that deserves another chance.  He will have ongoing medical expenses and canned food to feed a big boy like him is not cheap.  If you are able to help Mac out with past or future medical bills or can help with his food him and his new mommy would really appreciate the help.  Without help from caring doctor’s, technician’s, and people who just wanted to give a dog a second chance Mac would have been euthanized because his owners couldn’t pay the high estimate.  Please help Mac and all the other animals who would be euthanized because of their owners inability to pay.

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