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  1. Piper Hogan says:

    My name is Piper Hogan and I have a one year old Maincoon cat named Tickles. This past saturday he was diagnosed with a blocking (he can’t pee) and the surgery was quoted at around $3000. I could not afford this so I had to take the alternative route and have him unblocked at the vet and send him home with fingers crossed. I have been trying to give him fluids and meds over the past few days, however, he is not doing well. Tickles is happy and healthy in every other way and the vet says this condition is reversible..we just need to flush everthing out of his system. I know it is a long shot but I am trying everything…if your organization would be willing to donate I can promise to volunteer regularly for a shelter in return..I just want my one year old kitty to have a full life.

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